Sunday, July 3, 2016


Truth Time: I have struggled this year, majorly, with my business. A lot of what I am struggling with is just being a new seller and being intimidated by all the fabulous sellers that are already out there. I love looking at and admiring all these amazing teachers and what they are able to create. But at the same time I am so intimidated! 

I have so many ideas of what I want to create and sell but I always feel like as soon as I get the idea I already see the same product online, then I get down on myself because I feel like my product will never look, or be as good. I have really struggled with creativity this year as well, I am a perfectionist in ways where I want my product to be great, look great, and be perfect (which who are we kidding, is never gonna happen!)

With all of this said, I have really attached myself to Ashley Schroeder's saying of Be You recently. She is so SPOT ON with this motto. I have slowly come to realize that I need to just trust myself and be myself with my business. I may never be the perfect seller or teacher for that matter that I want to be, but as long as I am proud of my product, and, most importantly, it helps the students in the way it is intended then there is no reason to stress! 

I am learning to trust myself, and let my creative side flow. I am learning to BE ME!
Have a Cheerful Day!

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