Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Challenge Week 2: Dare to Dream :)

Today started week two in the TPT challenge that I have taken part of. Even though I am EXTREMELY NEW to this whole Teacher pay teacher world I have already seen the effect of this community and I am loving it. I started this blog awhile ago but haven't kept up on it recently. This is probably because it looks so boring (I mean who wants to look at this!). However this challenge has given me the confidence to jump in head first and make a decision I have been tossing and turning over for awhile....

I am getting a new Blog Design thanks to Gabby's Classrooms!

I am so excited for the end of August! I know she will do a wonderful job and that this will really help my store/brand.

Anyways..back on track 

1. Pay off my student loans: HOLY COW! I want to cry every time I see the amount. I knew going to college I would have a huge amount of debt coming out but yikes. I am only a year out of school and have a long way to go but I am hoping that by starting a TPT business this will help to pay these off.

2. Success: I am a new teacher, just finished my first year. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I have a huge fear of not being successful at this career I have invested a lot into. Not only do I want to be successful as a teacher but also as a seller. Again I have this big fear of failing and doing this has been a dream of mine for a year now. I want to be successful with this. I would love for when I have children that I could be a stay at home mom doing this as my income. I know it will take time a patience but with hard work anything is possible.

3. Grow my business: I am having a hard time with this one. My Instagram page is slowly starting to get some interest but I haven't seen much progress else where. It's discouraging but again I know it will come with time. I am working on posting more but I still am unsure what to post. I hope by the end of this year (Dec. 2015) to have gained more attraction to my different social media outlets and have made some progress within my store. 

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the fabulous bloggers hosting this. It has really given me the boost I need to dive head first into this! Thank you PeppyZestyTeacherista Third in Hollywood Teach Create Motivate and Sparkling in Second

Have a Cheerful Day :)


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Table Organization HELP!

SUMMER!! (Insert Olafs yell)

Wow I don't think I have ever appreciated summer more than as a teacher. Worked hard all school year and now get time to relax and get ready again for a new batch of kiddos and.....


Yup, thats right. I made the decision to transfer to a new school in my district. The main reason behind this was just to be closer to home. Gotta watch the miles on my car so this move should help. I am very excited. I met my new team and they already seem awesome and so helpful!

So when talking about this new school I have a lot of changes that will be happening for my classroom. At my old school I had one of the largest classrooms in the school. At this new school my classroom size will be cut in half :( Sad but I'm still a new teacher a don't have a lot to fill up such a large space (I know this will change!)

Anyways I'm in a predicament and hopefully I will get some views on this and some help. I no longer have desks! Instead I have tables! I am excited and nervous. I have no I idea how to pursue tables. My first thought was table caddies. I had these as supply caddies last year. They worked but I didn't like how messy they got and my OCD would take over and ya...

So I have the same shape currently and enough for each table. But as we all know they don't always hold a lot. If I didn't use them for each table then I would find another way to use them. However I did find this.

Now I have the teacher toolbox for myself that is similar and I LOVE IT! My kids loved it. They weren't supposed to touch it unless I asked for them to grab something. They knew right where everything was a had to read the labels (added bonus?) So thanks to Ladybug Teacher Files I found she does this for each table. I will only have 3-4 tables of kiddos and thought this would be perfect. All the supplies I think they will need are right there, so less time having to go to get supplies out, or passing out highlighters to everyone. This also allows more supplies to be held here. The students are also going to have the 3 drawer roll carts so this could be another addition to that or is it to much? I'm just not sure. I feel like for my sanity this would be much better but I don't want it to be to much for my little second graders. Any advice would be appreciated :)

Well I'm off to the pool and working on packing. We move in a week!

Have a Cheerful Day :)