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Classroom Pictures 2015-2016
Hi friends, come on in and take a peek. So this is my 2nd year teaching and I feel so much more confident in my room set up. I am sure everyone can relate with me and that your first year teaching you don't have much of an idea what your doing. I was so overwhelmed last year especially with moving to a new state, and I only had 2 days, yes you read that right, 2 DAYS! to get my room ready prior to teacher pre-planning. Needless to say lots of tears were shed!

This year though is a completely different story. I had a whole 2 weeks to work prior to teacher pre planning and a brand new school. I LOVE my classroom this year. It is everything I wanted. So sit back and come and take a peek into my home away from home.

So here is the before picture. When I walked in I was so depressed to see this beautiful orange wall....

 But I made it work! If there is one color I hate it's orange. Thankfully my best friend in Michigan was a great help via lots of picture texts and videos she helped me figure out the colors that worked best.  We came up with this...

I am so happy with the colors and how they look. So these two photos are of the front of the room. Let's take a closer peek.

On my storage doors I have my Dojo Store and my Brag Tag organizer.

 This side features my Class Dojo wall where we show off our 100-1,000 Point club. Thank you to Going Strong in Second Grade for her amazing Class Dojo Super Pack which you can find here. Next to the Class Dojo board you will find our Common Board. This is where we keep our learning targets and scales for each week and subject (Marzano anyone?) Below you can see the before (I lost a letter the day I took a picture :( and the weekly view)

 After this side right smack dab in the middle of the room is my class rules picture frames. I love the location as they are visible to all the students and in such a central location that I can refer back to it when I need to!

Moving on to the other side we have our Word Wall and my teacher table. The Purple board is for our weekly focus during reading.

Some pictures of my area. I love my little nook, now to just keep it organized. I created a little board for myself and post the first week of school I hung up some pictures of my life/family and friends.

Next, and quick view of my A.R. board. When students earn points in increments of 5's they have a little melonheadz character that will move up the clip chart. Hopefully some motivation!

 At the back of the room I have my little library.The science banner was switched with the reading banner because let's be honest the amount of reading anchor charts and posters is a little bit more than science! I am so much happier with my library this year. I put the time in to organize it into guided reading levels for my kiddos, but then re organized it into A.R. levels. It was just getting crazy with all the "Ms. Brown is this an A.R. book" Other than that is perfectly organized and cozy.

The highlight of the library with my students would be my little bench I built this summer, and I am dang proud of my craftsmanship skills!

A quick view of the rest of the back. Students backpacks and cubbies along with some math manipulative storage and the students book bins.

I think that wraps up my little tour of my second home. I hope you enjoyed it:) 

Have a Cheerful Day!

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